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Love is...

>> 19 December 2008

Couple therapist Harville Hendrix has established 10 rules that allow us to advance on the road to true love.

  1. Realize that our love relationship has a hidden agenda: heal both our childhood wounds

  2. Try to approach the truth of our partner by getting rid of our illusions and projections

  3. Communicate our needs and desires to our partner

  4. Make sure we 'build' our relationship and work at it every day

  5. Understand that the desires and needs of our partner are as important as our own

  6. Learn to know our dark side in order not to project it on our partner

  7. Have confidence in the other and abandon our self destructive tactics

  8. Find in ourselves the strengths and aptitudes that we are missing and no wait for the other to fill or complete them

  9. Love unconditionally

  10. Accept the difficulty of true love


Lance 21 December 2008 at 15:26  

Hi Mimi,
Thanks so much for sharing this. Love is...a journey that never ends. And these "rules" are wonderful ways to move toward more truly loving. And, really, they are a good reminder, as sometimes in our day to day activities, we (I) can let some of these slip...

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