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10 ideas, 10 convictions - part 1

>> 9 December 2008

To 'live a better life' there are a thousand possible ways. French Psychologies Magazine presented 10 strong ideas in its October issue which I would like to share with you, one a day. Please feel free to comment.

Idea 1 - Everyone can change

Without denying determinism which we underly (genetics, education, social status...), but on the contrary being conscious of it, we can all become actor of our life and pass over our wounds. Therapy, philosophy, spirituality, introspection... we have enough tools.
"To change, means to first of all change the point of view" - Jean-Bertrand Pontalis, philosopher and psychoanalyst


Lance 10 December 2008 at 12:43  

I like that Mimi - yes, everyone CAN change. If we allow ourselves to. For me, life is about evolving, learning, growing...

Mindful Mimi 10 December 2008 at 22:23  

@ Lance: my grandma always said: don't go to bed until you've learned something. That can be a new word, a different aspect of life or a new side of one's personality. Learning is a big part of change. In fact, I think that without learning there can be no change. And growing can be so many things. You can grow sideways and down too :-) which gives you a very different perspective of the world.

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