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10 ideas, 10 convictions - part 5

>> 13 December 2008

To 'live a better life' there are a thousand possible ways. French Psychologies Magazinepresented 10 strong ideas in its October issue which I would like to share with you, one a day. Please feel free to comment.

Idea 5 - Giving a sense to one's life is essential

Remember why we are living, living in accord with oneself , one's values and essential desires, help oneself with philosophy, cultivate one's spirituality... many roads towards self realization.

"It is not life that needs to have a sense, it is the sense that needs to be lived" - André Comte-Sponville, philosopher


Anonymous,  13 December 2008 at 10:10  

I definitely try to do this, though my philosophy is always changing. Blogging about it really helps me to discover it though :D

Lance 13 December 2008 at 11:18  

Self realization - this one has been a journey for me, Mimi. I'm getting there, and as I progress more in this direction - the beauty is that I really do feel more connected to who I really am...

Mindful Mimi 15 December 2008 at 10:17  

@Penny: thanks for your comment. There is nothing wrong with changing philosophy. One day I like classical music, one day I don't. That's what makes life interesting. And as Lance says, it's a journey. And it's not the end that's important, but the journey itself.

@Lance: Ah the beauty is in the journey, in the learning, in the awe of realising something about oneself. Isn't it? :-)

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