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10 ideas, 10 convictions - part 6

>> 14 December 2008

To 'live a better life' there are a thousand possible ways. French Psychologies Magazine presented 10 strong ideas in its October issue which I would like to share with you, one a day. Please feel free to comment.

Idea 6 - Learn to live the present moment

It is the ultimate goal of meditation, of all self improvement: calm the inner discourse made of souvenirs, projections and desires of the future, to live one's presence in this world fully, here and now.

"The truth will not come, it is here and now" - Swami Prajnanpad, philosopher


Lance 14 December 2008 at 12:55  

This one is such a strong concept for me right now - the importance of the "now" - it's all we really have for sure. so, seeing this here today, Mimi, is a great affirmation in what I'm trying to do... thank you!

Mindful Mimi 15 December 2008 at 10:14  

@ Lance: yes, I find this difficult at times as well. We get so easily swept away in our thoughts, activities and such that we live beside ourselves. Or forget what's important.

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