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10 ideas, 10 convictions - part 3

>> 11 December 2008

To 'live a better life' there are a thousand possible ways. French Psychologies Magazinepresented 10 strong ideas in its October issue which I would like to share with you, one a day. Please feel free to comment.

Idea 3 - Love is built

Love is learned. Yes, love is a learning ground and not a given. Besides attraction and seduction, it is about learning to know the other and to harmonize a relationship which, by definition, is always in movement.

"We are the architects of our couple" - Salomon Nasielski, psychologist and psychotherapist


DebMc 16 December 2008 at 01:30  

Someone once told me that the Dutch wear their engagement ring on their left hand, but the wedding ring on their right. Why? Because the left hand represents romance, but the right hand represents work. And marriage--love--involves doing.

Good post.

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