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Creativity tip: Trigger list

>> 7 November 2010

This week I was talking about A wish is a niche and how a bug list can help you come up with the next hype.

There are other lists I tend to maintain to get a creative spark.

One of them is a trigger list.

Every time I come across something where I think 'Hey, that is a great idea' or 'Darn, wish I'd invented that', I keep it:

  • I tear out the page of the magazine (yes, even if it's at the doctors')
  • I bookmark the webpage in a special folder
  • I put them on Tumblr or Squidoo
I use them as stepping stones for gathering new ideas, for writing blog posts, for mindful surfing, for inspiration, for combining ideas etc.

Start collecting today!


Mindful Mimi 8 November 2010 at 09:07  

Hello again,
Thanks for your kind comment. Hope it made you have a nice Sunday.

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