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Be brave - follow-up

>> 19 February 2008

In my recent post about doing one thing every day that scares you I linked to Jessie's blog and her 'Be brave project'. I was wondering where one should get ideas and inspiration to do a brave thing every day when one leads a busy but sometimes unbrave life with little opportunities to do really brave things such a bungy-jumping or charity work in Africa...

Here is what she had to say:

You've asked how to go about finding brave things to do and I must say that finding those things is very personal and sometimes just plain spontaneous. I will tell you though, at the beginning of my own Be Brave journey, I sat down with my journal and made a list of all the things I was afraid of doing. My biggest reason for doing something that scared me every day was largely inspired by my need to finish my thesis after struggling with it for the past 2 years. I'll be the first one to admit that my thesis caused a whole lot of FEAR. I feared that I would fail, that it would suck, that I didn't have anything to say, that my story didn't matter...and on and on my fear went. Fear was holding me back when all I wanted, more than anything in the whole world was to MOVE ON! But my thesis was only part of what inspired me to attempt one brave action a day. I don't consider my self a "scared" type person. Actually, I can be quite daring. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized
that I was holding myself back in lots of ways! Yes, so I made a list of things that I wanted to include in my Be Brave actions.

They were things like:
lose 10 pounds, increase my art income, fine a creative coach, send out cover letters and resumes for a new job, deal with student loans, teach myself how to use my pen-tablet, learn more Photoshop skills, finish my thesis, go shopping for a pair of pants that I feel good in...the list went on and on.

Basically, I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to improve upon or learn or get or whatever. It turned out, I realized, that the only reason I hadn't already done most of those things is because they required some level of bravery that I hadn't (because of one excuse or another) gotten the courage to muster up.
I only expected to do something brave for a month. Now it is several months later and it is effecting my day to day life in more ways that I realized it would. Actually, it just keeps getting more and more important to keep up! Since making that list I have not one, but TWO creative coaches now in my life, I've already started to
significantly increase my art income, and I finished a draft of my thesis. I think part of it is just acknowledging what it is that you REALLY WANT. Even that can be an act of bravery!

So my question is for you:
What do you really want in your life--even if it feels difficult or impossible or scary?
The next question is:
Now how can I go about making those dreams and desires a reality?
And that's the part where you get to BE BRAVE!!
Much luck to you on your journey. Does this help answer your question, even a little? I hope so!
Take good care.


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