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The love we give away is the only love we keep - Elbert Hubbard

>> 14 February 2008

Today is Valentine's Day. The day of all lovers. The day that people say I love you, give gifts and write poems.

I am wondering...do we need a special day for that?

I find Valentine's day a cheesy invention, commercial trap and rip off. Everything is at least twice as expensive on Valentine's day. All Valentine's gifts seem to be made of corny messages, tatty animals, cutesy hearts and cloying objects. Yuk! I wouldn't want one of those.

My other half agrees with me and we don't do anything special on this day. We say I love you when we feel it, not because there is a special day on which you're supposed to say it. We give (non-tacky) gifts for no special occasion or reason.

Still... I am a bit of a romantic. And I don't like the feeling of being left out. Consequently, even if I hate to admit it, I guess I'd be happily perplexed if my other half surprised me with a little something, even if it were a bit tacky :-)


Cheers 15 February 2008 at 09:35  

Hi Mimi!
this is exactly what I talked about a few days before Valentine, with my BF. I too feel that our love should be sherished always, not just on a set date. But I have to admit, that I really loved the special attention he gave it, eventhough we had decided not to do anything special :D

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