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How to Stop Stealing Your Own Wealth

>> 1 October 2010

How come so many people are doing so well in their businesses, practically doubling or tripling their income every year - and others keep scraping by, trying to make ends meet?

How does that work?

Is it about luck, or being super-talented, or drop-dead gorgeous?

Nope. Nada. Not!

So what's the deal?

What stops us? What keeps some of us so stuck in our old worn out habits and patterns - while other people just soar into their success?

Well, the Queen of Upleveling, Christine Kane is going to clear it all up!

On Thursday, October 7, Christine is presenting a deep coaching/content call FREE OF CHARGE.

It's called: "REVEALED: The Six Most Common Ways We Crash our Creativity, Stop our Success and Steal our Own Wealth."

She's going to show you exactly what gets IN the way - and how to Get OUT of your way!

In fact, her strategies have helped her clients and students make more in the year 2010 than they've made in the last 3 years COMBINED.
(And yes, they've done it while raising families, leaving jobs - even getting laid off! They are NO different from you!)

Here's the link to take a look at Christine's video message - and also sign up for the call.


It's all happening Thursday, October 7th at 8pm EST.

I'll be on the call too! She always packs it full of great information you can start using immediately! Here's the link again: https://christinekane.infusionsoft.com/go/ullpreview/mindfulm/

See you there!


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