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A laugh a day...

>> 8 January 2009

keeps the doctor away. Trust me.

You gotta love Billy Connolly. OK, he is Scottish and hence hard to understand for some. OK, he does not watch his language. But he cracks me up.

Watch him tell you what he thinks about Opera (which is the video with the least foul language I could find :-)

Another one of my favorite laughter resources is The Fast Show. Gotta like British humor. And if you like Johnny Depp and British humor, enjoy the Suit You Tailors (unless you mind filthy language and sex-obsessed men... don't tell me I didn't warn you).

If you prefer Robbie Williams to Johnny, click here.


Marelisa 9 January 2009 at 21:27  

Hi Mimi: Bill Connolly on opera was fabulous :-)

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