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What Oprah could do better

>> 12 January 2011

I like Oprah. I have for years. And I am not ashamed to say it ;-)

I think she is creative, lives with intention, does what she needs to do, is not afraid to admit mistakes and she knows how to market herself.

Being a reader, I especially like her O Magazine.

Living in Luxembourg however, does not allow me to purchase it in a local store. I have to subscribe to it. Which is pretty costly I have to admit.

So here is my marketing point of view of what Oprah could do better to sell me (or, come to think of it, anyone else) her magazine:
  1. Make overseas delivery more affordable.
  2. Tell me when my subscription starts and when it ends (this is not clear when you subscribe).
  3. Send me a renewal reminder before the end of my subscription (funny enough, this is not the case!)
  4. Make a European version of O (many articles are very US focused, all special deals are US only)
I guess if I were not such a paper fan, I could just subscribe to the new Ipad version of her magazine.

And maybe I will, whenever I find myself a few months without her magazine and realize that the subscription has stopped :-)


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