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How to become a guest blogger without planning to

>> 7 April 2010

Today I would like to send you over to another blog, Expatica.lu where I have been asked to write a guest post about Life in Luxembourg.

Prior to that, I had been asked whether I was willing to share a few of my earlier posts on their site (Is haggling worth the effort? and Quarrels would not last long if the fault were only on one side) - to which I gleefully agreed.

When they asked me whether I felt like writing a story about Life in Luxembourg, I was like 'huh? what would I write about ?'.

Then again, I am living it every day and you are usually an expert at something you do every day, right?

So... I felt inspired and started writing...and writing...and writing.

And when I had the required number of words down, I had only reached the end of my childhood years. Not that I was planning on writing my life story mind you...

So I just sent them the article and asked them if they wanted it to be a 'to be continued' story and they said yes.

Oh oh...now the pressure's on and I have to start writing...

It's funny, but the words were just flying off my keyboard for the first article. But with some deadline and the accompanying pressure, I am experiencing a little bit of a writer's block.

I like it :-)))))

Picture: VW van (1977) by Ben30 (Flickr.com)


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