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Life is like visiting a beautician...

>> 16 March 2010

To start with, you may have made the appointment yourself (your birth was planned) or you may have ended up there because someone gave you a gift voucher for your birthday (oops, how did I get here?).

So there you are and you have no clue what’s going on and everything looks unfamiliar.

You’re a bit scared when they put you under some bright lights and check every inch of your skin to see whether there is something wrong with you.

You are at the complete mercy of the beautician (your parents). They decide what’s best for you and apply the relevant treatment.

On your second visit (you have just turned 2), you are not so ignorant anymore let alone impressed by them. You know what you want and especially what you don’t want and you clearly state so. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they just use their persuasion and knowledge to impose things on you.

On your third visit (you are now a teenager), you didn’t really need or want to go but felt you kind of had to. You shift between enjoying the lathering and wanting to be somewhere else. They tell you you should eat less chocolate because it causes zits. You are upset and close the door promising to never, ever come back.

On your fourth visit (you are now in your twenties), you are happy to see them because you don’t get to go there that often anymore. You are so busy that you hardly have time. You don't worry about wrinkles yet. Plus, you don’t really need them anymore now that they have taught you all their beauty secrets.

On your fifth visit (you are now way past 30 and probably have some wrinkles caused by kids, dogs, happy and unhappy stories etc), you actually beg them for an appointment, just so that you can relax for a while and exchange tips and tricks. Oh and would they please give you some advice on your wrinkles...cause they are driving you nuts.

On your sixth visit (you are approaching 50) you are happy they are still open for business. You could go to someone else for the advice, but it would not be he same. They know you so well now. You have your appointments scheduled more regularly and well in advance. You are much more at ease with your body and can’t stop talking about how much you love your wrinkles. You have also become the beauty advisor of others and happily share stories.

On your seventh visit (you just passed 60), one of your beauticians isn’t there anymore and with the other you recall all the good times, talk about wrinkles and the wrinkles of the wrinkles..

On your eighth visit (you are about to celebrate the big 75), you are no longer have a beautician but only get the occasional pedicure. You are glad to see your wrinkles and want to look at them whenever you get a chance, because they are what life is all about, what YOU are all about.


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