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How to write the perfect blog post...

>> 11 November 2008

You can write a blog post about anything and you may even find a few readers. 

But what makes a blog post GOOD? Below a few tips:

  1. Keep it 'close to you'. Talk about the things you know, you live, you have experience yith. That way things don't sound too forced.
  2. Start your column with a strong sentence, a bold statement that wakes up the reader. At the end of your story you come back to this teaser and to 'round it off'.
  3. Write short sentences.
  4. Exaggerate - a little.
  5. Kill your darlings: your text may become better if you leave that gorgeous first sentence out. And is that one anecdote really necessary to the story? Be critical and dare to throw things away.
  6. Stick to one subject. Avoid telling your whole day. Stick to that one funny or annoying detail and pump it up.

As Lore Sjöberg puts it: 
Creating your own blog is about as easy as creating your own urine, and you're about as likely to find someone else interested in it. 

And don't forget:
Blogging is not about writing brilliant pieces of literature or journalism. It's about getting information out to your client while using your natural voice, and doing it in a way that doesn't take a lot of time from your normal schedule. - Brian Brown


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