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I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food - Robert Orben

>> 18 June 2008

Last weekend our youngest (6 months tomorrow) was treated to his first solid food.

I lovingly steamed some organic carrots and turned them in a delicious orange mash. My other half got the camera rolling because first time carrots make up for first (and last) time funny faces. We sat him in the Tripp Trapp high chair for the first time and he looked tiny and lost wondering what was going on and where was his bottle of milk.

Our oldest (2) eyed the carrots with interest, claimed the same and did not want to eat his yummie (organic and lovingly prepared) soup anymore.

The first small spoonful of orange mush went to the little mouth. He did make a face. He sputtered and spurted trying with all his might to eject what was given him. I tried to tell him that carrots are yummie and that he should try them. He refused. The carrots landed on the bib, chair, table, floor, me... I gave up and our oldest happily and hungrily finished off the little cup.

The next day and the day after was carrot-trying day again and the same scenario was repeated. I tried not to loose my hope and patience. I started to wonder whether something was wrong with the carrots, with the way I prepared them, with the spoon, with the chair,... Should I maybe try another vegetable? Maybe he just doesn't like carrots... At least the carrot puree was never wasted as our oldest always cleaned out the cup as if his life depended on it.

Yesterday I was a bit reluctant to feed him carrots again. High chair, bib, spoon, soothing words. I scooped a tiny portion onto the spoon and tried to figure out how to get him to open his mouth. I made a funny face, which made him laugh and hop, in it went. Maybe it was the surprise effect that made the orange goop stay in. Maybe he had given up fighting. Or maybe he was just getting used to it or even started liking it. When I looked at him I realised that swallowing mashed food is totally different from the sucking he is used to with the bottle. I somehow saw in his eyes that he finally figured out how to use his tongue to eat instead of drink.

It was a small victory for the both of us that made me feel all proud and warm inside. My little baby is growing up. So fast...

This morning I found the solid result of the carrots in his diaper :-)


LarryG 20 June 2008 at 21:37  

are you certain the older kids aren't slipping him cheetos in the night?

they are truly cute at that age, and turning them loose on that first birthday cake is a great photo op too!


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