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Life is a zoo in a jungle - Peter de Vries

>> 29 October 2007

Recently I read about a charity which I thought was a very worthy cause. It helps single parents with a lifesthreatening disease. Single parents already have a tough time getting by when things are rosy. A lifethreatening or terminal disease can however very quickly swing a person out of its wellorganised hinges and it seems that the support is not sufficient at all. All the money goes into the treatment and no money is left to turn the few 'normal' moments with the kids into blissful memories.

When I first read about it, the initiative touched me greatly. I am not a single parent, but I can imagine what you go through as a couple if something like cancer for example happens to you. As a single parent you have to fight this alone and worry about your kids three times as much.

I wanted to support the cause - but as it happens so often, you go to bed and things are forgotten the next morning.

Yesterday I read the same weekly magazine and come across some sad news about the charity: the founder has died. Tears sprung to my eyes and I immediately wondered what was going to happen to her children.
When you have children yourself such stories obviously hit home and you wonder what if...
My other half left for a two-week business trip this morning and I hate it. I know planes are safer than cars or crossing the road, but still. What if...
So hug your loved ones all the time, tell them you love them even if you are going to see them again tonight. Just in case you might not.
And today I will wire some money to the charity before I go to sleep and forget about it.
The charity is called WONDERFONDS and the site is in Dutch only. But I am sure if you write an email to them in English they'd be happy for any kind of support.


La delirante 30 October 2007 at 11:27  

Hello Mindful Mimi!! Thanks for sharing the information about "Wonderfunds". When I was very young being a single mother was one of my greatest fears because I could barely imagine how tough it must be to raise a kid on your own, not only when it comes to the emotional aspect (support from your partner, love to the child, etc.) but also economically speaking.

I also hate it when my other half has to go abroad on business...I get very anxious and sad :(

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