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Name the 10 little things that really bother you in daily life.

>> 31 August 2007

The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure is occupation. 
-- George Bernard Shaw

(not in any particular order of annoyance level):
  1. Men in sandals with socks (I bet a lot of women agree with this one).

  2. Toilet paper in public toilets - especially the one hidden in these big round boxes where you have to go sit on your keens to look up into the drum, roll the thing left and right to find the beginning of it).
  3. Trying on bathing suits or underwear in a shop - especially in winter. The lights are too bright, the mirror shows you every little flaw and you break out in a sweat from trying to get clothes on and off.

  4. Vacuum packaging of thick, hard plastic with which everything is nowadays wrapped and which is just impossible to get open.

  5. Telephone cords that always manage to wrap themselves in a ball - and when the phone rings you have to move your head to the phoneset because the cord won't budge.

  6. Restaurants without baby chairs - how do they expect us to enjoy our meal when the little one, despite the offered pillow, does not reach above the table (i.e. his dinner makes it everywhere but his mouth) and will start running off and around the restaurant in no time (bothering couples during their romantic dinner, breaking glasses and saying hi to the kitchen staff) because there are no straps to hold him down?

  7. Drivers who like who glue themselves to your rear bumper because you are driving at the speed limit and they would like to pass you but can't (because it's a windy road or because their rusty old thing will not make it above the speed limit). Worse are the ones that do pass you - and two more cars - just before a bend or while a car in the other lane is speeding in your direction and you have to hit the breaks with your full weight to let them get in front of you instead of hitting the oncoming car (or bus) and killing all of you.

  8. Reaching the cashier in the supermarket with a full caddy and realising that you left all the plastic bags one is supposed to bring nowadays at home.

  9. The battery of your camera bleeps to tell you it's empty just when your baby is doing something amazing like smiling for the first time.

  10. People complaining about all the things that bother them all the time :-)


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