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Creativity tip - Look at nature

>> 17 October 2010

Nature is incredibly diverse.

Nature is incredibly complex.

Nature has overcome obstacles and adapted to a changing environment.

Nature has found solutions to problems it was facing.

Nature can give us ideas for problems we are facing.

Biomimicry studies nature and all its elements and takes inspiration from it in order to solve human problems.

Here are a few examples:

  • Wound healing inspired by flies
  • Solar cells inspired by leaves
  • Friction-free fans inspired by nautilus
  • Bacterial control inspired by barberry
  • Self-cleaning surfaces inspired by lotus plant

For more examples visit the “Nature’s 100 Best” web site.

So next time you are looking for a solution, go for a walk in the woods, run through a field, look at the birds and the bees. Think about how a plant or animal would solve your problem.

Something out there might give you a clue.


Mindful Mimi 17 October 2010 at 17:36  

Hello Gondufo people: I am glad you like my creative tip. Come back again next Sunday for another one.

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