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The first flamboyant

>> 22 June 2010

A friend of mine recently went to Tanzania.

She knows I have a thing for seedpods.

So when she saw the first Flamboyant Tree (in the picture on the right) on her trip, she immediately bent down to collect its seedpods (or maybe she climbed the tree, I don't know). All I know is, here she was, thousands of miles from home in a foreign land and the first thing she does is think of me...sniffle...

She lugged them all the way back to the US and then sent them to me via post all across the ocean.
Oh and what a delightful surprise that package was...

So below is the painting called "The First Flamboyant" which is now on its way back over the ocean for a return surprise.

Those pods have seen the world!

Thanks Laura!


Laura 22 June 2010 at 18:21  

Thank YOU, my dear friend! I love my painting and will treasure it!

Laura 22 June 2010 at 18:25  

P.S. There was no climbing involved. I figure that would have turned into a hospital visit. *lol* ;)

Lance 23 June 2010 at 02:07  

That is so cool...what both of you did!!! Friendship is pretty sweet....

Mindful Mimi 27 June 2010 at 14:15  

I am thrilled that you like it and I am glad you didn-t put yourself in danger to get the seedpods...

Friendship is a cool thing. It-s full of surprises and beautiful things.

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