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In Summer the song sings itself - William Carlos Williams

>> 24 August 2009

I went running through the woods yesterday and nature just looked so inspiring that I had to write it down...

August ending

How dark it gets in the woods on the shadow side of the hill
A fresh breeze of air and how it makes your skin feel

The leaves next to you are moving but you don’t feel the wind through the heat
The earthen smell of summer ending makes your heart skip a beat

A clear blue sky and a playful wind tousles the cornfield
Look at those trees and all the fruit they yield!

The sunshine through the leaves draws a kaleidoscope of color
It makes the forest look so much taller

The pretty spectacle makes you want to say thank you
You feel like hugging a tree and then you just do

(c) Mindful Mimi - August 2009


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