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We find a delight in the beauty and happiness of children, that makes the heart too big for the body - Ralph Waldo Emerson

>> 8 January 2008

Today I just want to share a wonderful list of

posted by Christine Kane which I found very inspiring. I love and totally agree with number 24: The way little kids hold their hands in the air as they walk. Number 54: Making Art, is another one. Since our extension is finished we are caught up in the never-ending finishing touches such as wallpapering, painting, adding and fixing window sills, curtains, lamps etc. But the list is getting smaller and ticking off the things that are done (most by hardworking other half) brings great satisfaction (to him :-).

We have bought new cupboards and shelves for our new office/"paiting and crafting atelier" where we intend to seriously take up on our painting again very soon. The storing of the painting supplies alone gave me a big rush. Finding the bulk of inspiring images torn out of magazines made me want to mix colours and get my hands dirty once more.
However, and related to my post from yesterday, I have not found anywhere that lack of sleep gives any sort of inspiration... haha.

So here are a few of my ways to be delighted nowadays...(in no particular order):
  1. Taking a quite shower while baby is asleep.
  2. Watching the night outside at 3 am while breastfeeding.
  3. The luxury of napping in the middle of the afternoon.
  4. Not having to go to work just yet.
  5. The pleasure of making chocolate cake.
  6. The smell of our newborn.
  7. Giving our sons a bath.
  8. Finding a little time to read a book.
  9. Finding a little time to post on this blog.
  10. The loving look my other half gives our baby.
  11. Decorating our new rooms.
  12. Taking pictures of our kids.
  13. Observing our first son when he is unaware I am.
  14. Receiving cards from people you only hear from at Christmas.
  15. Watching the sun break through the clouds.
  16. Going for a walk when it's really windy.
  17. Touching a tree.
  18. Lathering on lots of moisturizing body lotion after a shower.
  19. Eating chocolate.
  20. Being able to sleep on my stomach again :-)
  21. The changing eye color of our newborn.
  22. Getting a foot massage from my man.
  23. The feeling, the realization of being a parent.

So, feel free to start your own list and link it in your comment.


Anonymous,  9 January 2008 at 11:29  

That's really lovely. You obviously love your family very much ... and they seem really clean with all the bathing and smelling going on :D

kimananda 16 January 2008 at 16:08  

I love this idea, and your list! Especially #20, at the moment...I'm amazed I can sleep on my side at all, to tell the truth. I may try to make such a list for my blog as well. Or maybe, speaking of #20, I should also make a list of things I miss. ;-)

secondfiddle 12 February 2008 at 10:41  

these are happy thoughts indeed and i loved your list!
maybe i too should get down to making such a list, though im not sure they can run into 20's, like yours :)

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