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You can never have enough of nature!

>> 4 September 2007

Although people are part of nature:

  1. On average, members of contemporary society spend over 95% of their time indoors, separated from nature.
  2. How we think and feel shapes our destiny. During our lifetime, on average, over 99% of our sensing, thinking and feeling is disconnected from nature and its balancing, restorative powers.
Are you nature-deprived? Answer these questions to find out.

The challenge of TOO MUCH:
  • too much to do
  • too much to cope with
  • too much distraction
  • too much noise
  • too much demanding our attention
Typical responses to this are stress, panic, overwork, disillusionment and distraction.

First it was necessary to civilize man in relation to man. Now it is
necessary to civilize man in relation to nature and the animals. - Victor Hugo

RECREATION: play amusement, entertainment, diversion, fun, sport
The word recreation comes from root words meaning 'to restore to health', 'to refresh' and 'to create anew'. Sometimes we need to refresh and restore ourselves. Reflection doesn't have to be a serious endeavour. It can be recreative, in the most original sense of this word, and fun.
The best way for some people to reflect is to immerse themselves in a recreative activity - something that will refresh and renew the mind, body and spirit. Whatever type of recreation you choose, it should be enjoyable to you.
What kinds of recreation to do you enjoy?

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. - William Shakespeare

  • to reconnect with nature
  • to reduce stress
  • to prevent burnout, fatigue and chronic illnesses
  • to improve relationships
  • to tap your inner wisdom and intuition
  • to identify with life priorities
  • to cultivate mindfulness
  • to improve focus and concentration
  • to enhance productivity
  • to spark your creativity
  • to improve confidence and inner strength
  • to restore balance
  • to enjoy and appreciate life to its fullest

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to
have my senses put in order. - John Burroughs


Complicated to diversified
Cultural to natural
Nervous to calm
Emotional to sensual
Individual to attuned
Weak to strong
Glorified to self-assured
Confused to understanding
Trapped to adaptable
Self-absorbed to fair
Apathetic to effective
Materialistic to easily pleased
Despondent to resilient
Fearful of snakes and spiders to fascination
Surrounded by ugliness to beauty
Indecisive to instinctive
Serious to joking
Bad to mistaken
Intolerant to gracious
Stressed to healthy
Competitive to helpful
Convinced to sceptical
Fashionable to ecological
Exploiter to protector

Slow down. Stop. Relx. Still. Center. Be mindfully present.
Look. Listen. Smell. Taste. Touch.

Links (for more links on this subject, please send me an email and I will forward you a longer list):
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Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair - Khalil Gibran


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