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Feminization of the male

>> 2 August 2007

The estrogen hormon is one of many gland produced hormones that regulate the function of major organs and other physiological systems. Such hormones can become endocrine disruptors: an external agent that interferes in some way with the role of natural hormones in the body.

Picture this:

Woman takes birth control pill containing estrogen. Woman goes to toilet. Estrogen in urine is not filtered out and goes into waste water. Hormone is released into waterways.

Fish start reproducing less. Male fish are found to contain eggs or had other female reproductive characteristics.

There's hence growing evidence to suggest that estrogen is linked to the "feminization" of male - at least the male bass tested in West Virginia.

So researchers seem to believe that a special toilet which seperates feces from urine would be the solution to this problem before it becomes too threatening.
Sounds like an valid idea to me. I do believe however that first priority should be to avoid flushing down nice and clean drinkable water down our toilets in order to preserve our water reserves.

What do you think?

http://www.novaquatis.eawag.ch/index and http://www.novaquatis.eawag.ch/tool/nomix121d/nomix.html


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